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DIY Mosaic Mirror Guide

Mosaic Mirror

Making mosaic mirrors is a great way to ease relaxation, as well as a way to decorate your house. They also make very thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Mosaic mirrors are made from a mirror and also tiles attached to the mirror. The hobby starter kits needed for the creation of mosaic mirrors include: 1. A Mirror 2. Tiles 3. Latex gloves 4. Safety glasses 5. Disposable containers 6. Two-wheeled tiles nippers 7. Grout 8. Compass (needed for creating circular shapes when needed). 9. Polyvinyl acetate adhesive.

How To Make A Mosaic Mirror

1. Sealing The Mirror: Polyvinyl acetate adhesive (PVA) is mixed with water to seal the mirror. One part of polyvinyl acetate is added to three-part water in disposable containers. Three coats of the sealant are applied on the mirror, allowing half-hour intervals between application of another coat and twenty-four hours before addition of tiles.

2. Draw Designs on The mirror: Draw Designs by creating beautiful patterns, geometric shapes or creating concentric circles using the compass.

3. Cutting and Placing of Tiles: Cut tiles into desired shapes and sizes using the tiles nippers, and attach them to sides of the mirror using Polyvinyl acetate adhesive. It is then left to sit for twenty-four hours.

4. Application of Grout: Grout help fill in spaces on the mosaic. It helps bind tiles together and preventing the edges of a tile from chipping and cracking. Apply grout on the mosaic generously. Clean off the excess from the tiles with a soft cloth. Next, remove dried residual grout with white vinegar. Leave mosaic to dry for twenty-four hours.


Beyond serving as an ideal hobbyist activity, mosaic mirrors can also serve as a source of additional income. An exquisitely made mosaic mirror can command as much as $200 apiece. This is the perfect hobby to help you relax, have fun and even earn an additional side income while doing so.