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Getting Started With Diamond Art

Diamond art kit

Diamond art has gained popularity over the years as a fun and stress relieving hobby. It is an art form that involves sticking diamond jewels onto a board or pattern, making it look like a mosaic. Getting started with diamond art is quite simple, all you have to do is order the materials required or kit from a hobby shop and you are good to go.

The best part about getting started with diamond art is that you don’t need to have any previous experience whatsoever! In fact, you might even create a decent artwork on your first try.

What You Need

To set you off on your art creating hobby, you will need to purchase the medium and tools required. These are usually sold in kits that include the canvas, the diamonds, some wax and a drill pen, a plastic pen-shaped tool.

While choosing a diamond art kit, pick one that catches your eye, preferably one with your favourite colours, so that you can be sure to enjoy the process from start to finish. Some enthusiasts prefer to start with a partial drill, meaning that a small part of the canvas isn’t covered by diamonds, and is painted instead.

Diamond Art - The Basics

Like most hobbies and past times, diamond art has developed its own set of vocabulary. Here are some of the terminologies you may come across from fellow enthusiasts or stores;

  • Canvas – The pattern used to place the diamonds when creating
  • Drill(s) – Another name used to refer to the diamonds/beads/gems
  • Drill Pen – Used to pick up and place drills/diamonds
  • Kit – The canvas, drills & tools included in your purchase

Show Your Masterpiece To The World

What happens next after you finish your first diamond art piece? There are many ways you can store the masterpiece you just created, the first being framing it. Since most kits come with dimensions indicated, it can be quite easy to find the right frame. Once framed you can go ahead and hang it in your house or even give it out as a gift.

If you are not quite ready to hang or give out your piece as a gift, there are several ways you can store it to prevent it from getting dirty or damaged. You can either find or make a portfolio case, which is mostly used to store delicate and valuable pieces of art. Simple portfolio cases can be made from cardboard boxes and tape while the more advanced ones can be made using fabric and sewing materials. In a nutshell, not only is diamond art relaxing, it is a fun-packed activity that lets you create beautiful artwork alone or even with your family and friends.