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Hobby Starter Kits

3 Hobby Starter Kits For Astonishingly Easy To Learn Hobbies

Thinking about starting a hobby but unsure about what to do and how to get started? This article is for you. Certain considerations must be made when deciding on what to do as a hobby. First, always ensure that your hobby is entertaining, something you thoroughly relish. Although not a priority, it is much more rewarding if your preferred hobby has enormous career potential. Finally and most importantly, your craft should be easy to learn and harness. There are tons of crafts to learn that fit these criteria, including calligraphy, bonsai, yoga and tarot reading.

To help you get started, here is a list of 5 fun hobbies that you can learn in no time. We have also compiled the best hobby starter kits for each to help you kickstart your journey.

Diamond art kit

Candle making

If you enjoy the warmth, ambience and scent that candles add to your home, then you may like to try making them. Beyond being an exciting hobby that leaves you to your creativity, candle making is a lucrative business.

There are numerous easy to follow candle making classes online to guide you through the process. But first, you need the perfect starter kit. Though your starter kit choice depends on the type of candle, certain items are a must-have. These include a liquid dye candle kit, granulated candle wax, pre-tabbed wicks, wick clips, wick setting tool, moulds and mould sealers, candle jars, tealight/ votive wicks, a melting pot, a special thermometer, and of course, a candle making book.


Many fail to understand just how lucrative embroidery is. More than just a hobby, embroidery will make you the darling of every bridal shower, birthday party, baby naming, and gender reveal party. Interestingly, embroidery is quite simple to learn. There is an abundance of online guides to help you on your journey.

However, you first need to choose your path. There are two key types of embroidery – hand and machine. Hand embroidery requires time and patience to master, while machine embroidery is better suited to commercial use. Your hand embroidery starter kit must include a pair of scissors, hoops, cotton cloth, embroidery needles and floss, as well as an embroidery app to feed you ideas—this is one of the cheapest hobby starter kits out there.

Few crafts are as intriguing as crochet work. This delicate art will help you make the most elegant gifts for family and friends. The best part about crocheting is how easy it is to learn. Your crochet starter kit must contain crochet hooks of varying sizes, a ball of wool, skein or acrylic yarn, and scissors. The rest is left to your imagination.

Embroidery kit

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