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Painting A Ceramic Pot

Beautiful Ceramic Pot

Pottery is a therapeutic hobby. There are many hobby starter kits that will get you started on your new and exciting journey. These kits have guides, tips, and tricks to help you enjoy your new pastime more. With time, you might even profit from these hobbies.

Getting Started

Pottery is among a list of hobbies like candle making and soap making, that are easy to learn. There are different designs and types of pots. Once you know how to make them, you get the opportunity to customise their colour. If you wish to buy ready-made pots so you can customize them, here is the first tip.

To begin with, you need to buy a number of supplies such as rubbing alcohol, acrylic craft paints, small or medium foam brushes, plastic plates, cotton swabs, wire brush, and cotton wool. After this, you need to prepare the pot by cleaning it to rid it of any impurities. The next step is to prepare the paint you intend to use. This means also having a design in mind.

Final Product

After you are done with the prep work, the next step when painting a ceramic pot is easy. You can either hand spray the pot or spray paint it. Hand painting can be a bit difficult but it is doable if you have the time. Spray painting is easier if you already have a design template. Make sure to use protective gear during the whole process.