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Hobbycraft Clay With Ease

Hobbycraft Clay

Clay packs are easily among the more popular hobby starter kits for hobbyists seeking to engage their creative side. A major advantage of crafting clay is its usefulness in making artistic and functional pieces. All that is required to get started are some basic hand techniques.

How To Craft Clay

The first thing any sculpting newbie must learn is kneading clay because this process helps to soften the clay before the sculpting process begins. An ancient sculpting method is the pinch method which involves pinching the clay with the fingers to create desired shapes. You can roll clay lumps into coils if you intend to make pots, figurines and vases.

Alternatively, you can make clay slabs if you intend to create objects like houses or boxes. Regardless of your shape — coil lumps or clay slabs — you have to combine the forms to make your desired object. Textured objects help create patterns in the clay craft. Finally, paint your sculpture once it dries for a perfect finish.

Materials Needed For Hobbycraft Clay

The basic materials needed to hobbycraft clay are clay itself, newspaper, old clothes, paint and a textured object for patterning. If you do not have a kiln to bake your clay, use polymer, air-dry or oven-bake clay. However, if you plan to glaze and fire your sculpture, then use standard clay. Use newspapers to cover your work surface and wear old clothes as clay tends to leave permanent stains on outfits.